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Shabbat - Gift of Peace

After six days of creativity, work and production, we are blessed with a Divinely sanctioned day of rest. Creativity is a Divine attribute. Rest and tranquility are integral components to creativity and so they too are Divine aspects. Shabbat is the seventh day of the week, however, beyond time. Shabbat is a day of peace and tranquility, a day to refrain from 39 specific forms of crafts.

We proclaim the sanctity of Shabbat by reciting "Kiddush" on wine or grape juice. We celebrate with family, friends, elegant dress, beautiful decor and tasty delicacies including 2 loaves of bread to remember the Heavenly Manna.

 At the conclusion of Shabbat, we perform the ritual of "Havdala," "Separation" over wine, candle light, and aromatic fragrance. We do this to distinguish between the sacred and the non-sacred.

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