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The moment of the wedding is a moment to which young people wait all their maturation process. The Jewish saying "to establish  a home in Israel"  stresses the religious and national aspect of the wedding and it's special role in the Jewish  life.  When we get married we stand under the  Chuppah , sign the   ketubah   mention Jerusalem and cover the bride with a new Tallit. At this moment we  bless  Shehecheyanu  for the New Tallit and for the new life that the Groom and Bride enter.   
We have several products that will  create   an  authentic  Jewish  atmosphere  in your wedding.  
The main product for the wedding is   the Tallit     
The design of the Tallit includes choosing colors, samples and embroidery  according to your preferences.    
Before we will start weaving your wedding Tallit, we will pray a special prayer (link to the prayer) for the Groom and Bride to get united (?).  
We  offer a  wedding set for the Groom and Bride. The set includes: a Tallit, a Tallit bag with embroidery   a vest and a Yarmulke .
The   Chuppah   under which the wedding ceremony is held, resembles the new home established in the wedding. 
We therefore, offer you   a family Chuppah that will  serve weddings in your family for years to come.  We will weave your family Chuppah'    according to your personal preferences.  We will  then embroider the names of the Groom and Bride and the date of the wedding. You may  use our service   in order to  embroider names and dates of  future weddings  in your family.

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