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for General Judaica

Our main products, in Weaving Creation are the hand woven Tallit's and Tzitzit, but, we also  offer our customers various  Judaica items produced by artists with designs that meet our style. For example 

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You can purchase this products for personal usage or as gifts to friends and family.

Content for Bar/Bat Mitzva

Bar Mitzva is a special moment in our life, when the child becomes an adolescent and becomes obligated to the commandments of the Torah. As adults we all remember the special moments when we read the Torah in the synagogue on our Bar Mitzva. In weaving creation we are excited each time we design a  Tallit for another Bar Mitzva Boy. The design of the Tallit includes the choice of colors and samples according to your choice. We also offer a set that will provide you a full Bar Mitzva experience. The Set includes : Teffilin, Tallit, a corresponding   bag  and a Yarmulke
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