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Teffilin and Mezuza


"And you should bind them as a sign on your hand    and they should  be frontlets between the  Eyes"

Tefilinis one of the most important commandments  followed by the Jewish people for generations (indeed  ? and do we want to write this ?)

The Teffilin is composed of  a  box  made of selected animal leather  where we  put  parchments containing the four segments that order us to put the Teffilin. (Link  to the four segments) 

The Tefillin is placed on the hand and head resembling the heart and the mind

Putting the  Tefillin developed along the years as a symbol for Jewish people who decided  to  get closer to  religious practice.  Indeed, in the Central bus stations in Israel, you may find  Chabad  followers who offer the passengers the opportunity to put Tefillin recognizing  it's  importance, as a symbol  that unite the Jewish people.

( ? 
We debate regarding the Central bus stations, is it too popular and cheap)


  .And you  should  write them upon the doorposts  of your  home , and upon your gates


The Mezuza is composed of a  case  that contains a parchment on which the  sections " Sh'ma Yisrael . " and  "V'haya im shamoa" are written. (Links to the two relevant sections   in english)  


Picture of  Sofer  Stam

The Mezuza saved the people of Israel while exiting from Ejypt. It is a common belief in Jewish tradition that the Mezuza protects our   home and being precise on this issue keeps us safe wherever we go.

We   gathered unique artists with designs that meet  our style  and sell their Mezuza's in our studio and  in  our  website. 

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